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I get that navigating your insurance needs can be confusing. That is why I’ve put together a list of questions that may help guide you along in your insurance journey with me!

I ask that you please provide the following:

1. Your full name and if a spouse or other individual must be on the policy, please provide their full name as well.
2. Date of Birth for all listed drivers on the policy.
3. Drivers License numbers for all listed drivers on the policy.
4. Full address for each individual who will be included within the policy.
5. Complete list of all vehicles that will be covered.
6. Provide your current monthly premium so that I am able to ensure you’re getting the best rate with your new quote!

Unless you are insured by another company, it is imperative that you obtain auto insurance. In every single state across the United States insurance is a requirement, however, you may see that the carrying laws can vary. If you are unsure as to what type of insurance you need, please visit your state government transportation related website.

Insurance rates can depend on many different factors. For instance, car insurance can depend on:

  • Personally identifying details such as your age and/or your marital status
  • Your overall credit rating
  • What type of vehicle(s) you are looking to insure
  • Where you currently reside
  • How large of a commute you have on a daily basis
  • Coverage amounts

Home insurance can depend on the following factors as well:

  • The overall location of where your home is located
  • The amount of protection needed for both interior and exterior items
  • Your overall credit rating
  • What, if any, claims have been made against the home or property

Keep checking back to our FAQ as we will continue to add answers to the questions you have!

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